In recent years we have seen more and more Hydrofoils out there on the water, which is not strange, it adds an extra dimension to the surf sport. You can hit the water much faster, go upwind like a sailing boat and hit downwind in a 90 degrees angle. All this while surfing half a meter above the water. Where previously the entry price was still too high to begin with Hydrofoil, the suppliers have begun to develop cheaper foils of aluminum. Nowadays, if you're a little creative, you can already have a foil set(inc board) under the $1000. aims to share information for all foilers out there, beginners or experts. There is a Forum available where members can share their experiences with other foilers and newcomers can ask questions. This way we create a community. Registering on the Forum can be found here.

Starting with Kitefoiling

Yes, it looks boring from the shore, racing up and down without any action, is it really worth the money? That's what I thought, but o yeah it is worth every penny ! The feeling what you get with kitefoiling is just great. I have not touch my twintip for over more than a year now. 

Is it hard to learn?

No, up to 6 sessions (of course you must be able to kite) and you are on the water foiling. Don't give up the first sessions, you will learn it very quick : )) You will have an advantage if you have some experience on a directional surfboard, especially for jibing and tacking but if you don't, don't worry, you will learn it whle you go.   

Which foil to start with?

The right choice for your foil is very important ! Otherwise there is a chance that after half a year you will still not be foiling. The front wing determines the behavior of your foil for 90%. We can have a long time to discuss the different types of wings(and there is a lot to discuss on this topic), but there are three types of wings. Large / wide - thin / narrow and slightly in between (see illustration). The narrow ones are especially for race and are therefore not suitable to start because you have to go there quickly to get up foiling. The big one I would not recommend to start with, after a few session it is getting at his limits, there are also lots of downsides to the big wings like: they don't go upwind very good and it is unstable at higher speed. So something in between. I had a Zeeko Blue & White but a Slingshot NF2 or a Shinn Model F are similar foils that are good to start. But there are still enough brands that have similar very nice en good foils. Just keep in mind that you do not buy an too old foil because developments have only really improved in recent years, also make sure that you buy a foil that has been tested by some of your buddies so you sure you have the right foil.

Carbon of Aluminum?

First of all, an aluminum foil is fine to start with, if you can get one for a nice price, I would go for that. A good aluminum foil will get you going for at least a year or even more if you like to freestyle. The advantage of an aluminum foil is that it can handle a bump (and the first times you will hit the ground for sure). With a Carbon foil, everything is thinner, stiffer. This difference is especially noticeable at higher speed.

But ... today you already buy a new carbon foil for € 1200, -

// GoKitefoiling team

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